The Story of William Arsenis


William was born on a rainy Wednesday in Paris, while the Beatles were on their way back to London from the Bahamas.

He left the City of Lights at the age of two, spending the next ten years of his childhood in Manhattan, NY.

At twelve, he moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Three years later, a friend of his was hit by a train. In an attempt to get closer to him, he tried inducing an out-of-body experience (OBE), but that didn’t get him far. Literally. 

Relentlessly looking for some meaning to life, he started Transcendental Meditation (TM). At seventeen, he went to Colby College. Looking for something deeper and more meaningful, after just one semester at Colby, William transferred to Maharishi International University, which, at the time, was the Mecca for TM.

After completing two semesters there, he realized TM wasn’t going to get him enlightened anytime soon. He put all his attention on becoming a concert pianist, quitting college in order to attend the Athens Conservatory.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to be able to support his new family as a concert pianist and not wanting to settle for being a piano teacher, he continued practicing but let go of the idea of using music as a source of income and started a loveless career in computers instead.

In 1988, in the middle of a six-year stint as a computer hardware/software technician, and shortly after his failed attempted at getting a noteworthy ELO rating in chess, William started giving writing a serious try.

The more he wrote, the more he loved it, but afraid that becoming a published author was too ambitious an aspiration–after all, he had a wife and a one-year-old son to support–he eventually lowered the bar, deciding to become an airline pilot instead.

At this point in his life, William was reading every book available by J. Krishnamurti. Taking a negative perspective, darkened from the inside out with a hopeless pessimism, William travelled to Zurich, Switzerland, where Elisabeth Haich and Selvarajan Yesudian were kind enough to show him a completely fresh perspective on Krishnamurti’s teachings.

William flew for eight different airlines in Europe, and in 1998, on an overnight at the Villa di Pappa, in Rome, Italy, he had a transformative experience that planted the seed for his book, I THINK, THEREFORE I LIE.

In early 2001, William Arsenis landed his dream job with Southwest Airlines and he upgraded to captain six years later.

But in 2010, cancer put him on medical disability.

In late 2013, he was able to get his medical certificate back from the FAA and resume his career as a Southwest Airlines captain.




His first novel, WHEN DEATH WON’T DO, was published that same year, and a few months later, for a short period, it was a #2 bestseller in sagas on Amazon.










In April, 2016, William received an email from his brother stating that their father had died. The world as he knew it was pulled out from under his feet, but not at all in the way he’d anticipated.

Instead of feeling a sense of loss, he felt gratitude.

Instead of grieving, he felt peace.

As a result, William recently decided to postpone publication of his second novel, THE PARADISE SYNDROME until early 2018 

in order to focus on completing I THINK, THEREFORE I LIE, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2017.


 When he’s not flying, he spends his days off with his family, writing, and practicing the piano, and trying to keep up with his wife who is a prolific author, paints breathtaking works of art, and runs like the wind.

William Arsenis lives in Arizona with his wife, three kids, and Mojo, their Golden Retriever.


































































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