About The Book

Kory van Luden is one of the youngest chess grandmasters of his time. Even blindfolded, he can beat almost anyone. But his genius may not save him in the game of life. Not against the most ruthless opponent he will ever face:

His older brother.

Born with war in his blood, Damon van Luden is the best of the military’s elite. He’s as cunning and ruthless as he is strong. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

What Kory cherishes, Damon takes by force.

Now, the two brothers are at war over a family trust worth over $400,000,000.

The first to marry will win control over the family legacy and the enormous van Luden fortune.

And both brothers have set their sights on the same beautiful young woman. . .

A sprawling epic novel spanning five nations and five decades, WHEN DEATH WON’T DO has been heralded by readers as “original,” superb, “stunning,” and “exhilarating–a grand saga filled with action, suspense, romance, mystery, drama, and a cast of characters you will never forget.